Carolin Boström

I help premium product brands to design sustainable and cost-efficient packaging solutions by aligning company values with consumerexpectations.

Premium product packaging are all about the experience. Brand experience, unboxing experience and storytelling. Packaging is a key element for any product brand, and the importance of sustainable packaging increases with globalisation, e-commerce and an increasing middle class. Studies shows that consumers are willing to pay up to 10% more for sustainable products and packaging.

What are the key ingredients for a successful sustainable and premium packaging solution?

1. Design & Funktion

Is one of the key elements of a premium packaging. This creates the premium look and feeling that adds to the brand and unboxing experience. What gives your packaging added value?

2. Material

Today we have so many new sustainable materials to work with. Like biodegradable plastic, formable paper and lots of recycled materials just to name a few. So why use anything else?

3. Construction

Simplifying construction and optimize the size of the packaging is one way to use less material. Do you have unnecessary packaging?

4. Production

Optimized production creates less waste and green energy production is always a better choice for the planet. Are your production optimized?

5. Transport

Minimizing transports around the world is also one factor that contributes to a sustainable packaging. Do you have unnessesery transports?

6. Recycling or reuse

Recyclable material should be the standard, but reusable packaging solutions is also an approach to have in mind. How could you increase the use of recyclable materials or reusable solutions?

7. Cost-efficiency

Cost-efficiency is essential for every business and brand out there. When it comes to packaging, there are many aspects to have in mind that can affect the cost. Is your packaging made in a cost-efficient way today?

8. Placement strategy

We only have a few seconds to attract the consumer in the store amongst thousands of products. The right placement strategy is crucial for every brand. Where are your products placed today?

9. Brand experience

In today's digital world, where stores and service personal are switched out for webshops and home deliveries, the packaging is often one of the few brand experiences that the consumer gets. How could you improve your brand experience in your packaging?

10. Unboxing experience

Everybody hates packaging that is impossible to open. The unboxing experience needs to be smooth, not to upset the consumer. With the right unboxing experience, you can create excitement and free marketing. Is your unboxing experience instagramable?

I'm a Stockholm based independant packaging designer. I have a bachelor degree in Packaging design and over 5 years of experience with packaging and graphic design. While working at agency’s like The Studio and Super Tuesday, I've had the pleasure to work on extensive projects with clients like Verso Skincare, Vete-Katten, and Oscar Properties. And since becoming independent I've been working on projects with, Banker Wessel, Aarke, Verso Skincare, Public Art Agency Sweden and Larsson Korgmakare.

Carolin Boström